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Students look through glass at zoo animals.
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Mission & Philosophy


Jennings Creek develops leaders that are innovative, culturally responsive, and willing to embrace change.


Inspire Learners, Empower Leaders

By the Numbers

Over 800

Students enrolled at JCES this year

Over 50

Nationalities represented by the student body

Over 25

Languages spoken by our student body


Of students are English Learners (ELs)


Students met or exceeded their yearly reading growth goal (2nd-6th grade)

Over 360,000

Minutes read on Amira last year


Students met or exceeded their yearly math growth goal (K-6th grade)


Of Students who are successful with Tier I behavior supports


Different clubs and extracurricular activities offered at JCES


Awards won by students and clubs last year


Student:Technology connection


Golden Apple recipients employed at JCES

Principal Message


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Last week was an extraordinary one for our school community as we celebrated a significant milestone: becoming a Leader In Me Lighthouse School. This prestigious accolade is a reflection of the hard work, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence that defines our school. It's not just a recognition; it's a testament to the vibrant educational environment we've cultivated together, where every student is encouraged to lead and excel.


The Leader In Me Lighthouse status signifies that we've not only embraced but excelled in integrating principles of leadership and effectiveness throughout our school. This achievement showcases our commitment to creating a culture where every child feels valued, empowered, and capable of achieving greatness. The journey here has been one of collective effort, focusing on personal and professional growth, and a steadfast belief in the potential of every student.


As we take pride in this recognition, let's also reflect on the path that brought us here. Every step has been an opportunity for learning, growth, and inspiration. This milestone sets a high standard of excellence for us, and it is our ongoing responsibility to uphold and exceed this standard, continuing to foster an environment of leadership and learning.


It's also with great pride that I share the commendations we received from Sean Covey and visitors during the Leader In Me School Visit. Their overwhelmingly positive feedback highlights the impact of our efforts and affirms the significant progress we've made in influencing our students' lives positively.


A special note of pride goes to our students Branham and Zoey, who, with Ms. Oliver's guidance, presented on "Every Child Deserves an Opportunity" at the Leader In Me Symposium. Their presentation brilliantly demonstrated our commitment to providing all students at Jennings Creek with the opportunity to succeed and lead.


In addition, our school's production of The Lion King JR was nothing short of spectacular, showcasing the incredible talents of our students. The final show was a testament to the dedication, skill, and passion of our students and the directing team. A heartfelt thank you to the directors and parents whose behind-the-scenes efforts made this experience possible, enriching our school's culture and offering our students a unique chance to express their creativity.


Our ESL team deserves recognition for organizing a rewarding day for students who completed the ACCESS test, highlighting our commitment to celebrating student success and reinforcing our supportive school culture.


Lastly, I extend my gratitude to our teachers who, on this week's PLC Day, dedicated their expertise to grading the Edulastic KSA Scrimmage Assessments. Their commitment ensures our students' academic growth and success, epitomizing the collaborative spirit and excellence that Jennings Creek stands for.


As we move forward, let's carry the momentum of these achievements with us, continuing to build on our legacy of leadership, learning, and community. Together, we are making a profound difference in the lives of our students, setting them on paths to success and leadership.




Dr. Rich


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